Club Field Trip

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my American Culture and English Club raised money from their Christmas Craft Sale in order to go on a field trip to Sibiu.  We had talked about going ice skating in Piaţa Mare until a warm front ruled that out as a possibility.  Instead, we decided to go see a movie and get pizza on a Wednesday afternoon at the end of January.

So, after school, the eleven students in my club and I met in the center of town to take the bus to Sibiu.  For some of my students, this was their first time taking the bus out of the village.  Considering I can only travel by public transportation and have to go to Sibiu at least once a week, this seemed a little crazy to me but they figured out the routine fast enough.


Rebeca and Nicoleta on the bus to Sibiu 

We made it to Cinema Arta and bought our tickets to see Jack Reacher.  This is the only movie theater in Sibiu, it only shows one film a week and this film was rated PG-13, so Jack Reacher it was.  Anyway, the students were pumped to see a Tom Cruise action movie.


Girl Talk in the back of the bus.

I’m going to sound like a mom here, but I was really freaked out by the level of violence in a movie considered PG-13.  I usually don’t think about violence in movies (I mean, I loved Django!) but watching a sniper killing people in downtown Pittsburg, I had the strongest urge to cover all eleven sets of eyes.  Fortunately (more like unfortunately), they are so desensitized to violence that it didn’t even bother them.

After the movie, we took the bus back towards the cemetery where we would catch the bus to Răşinari, and went to dinner at nearby Pizza Hot (no, not hut—hot).  Many of the students hadn’t been out to a restaurant before, so we went through the procedure of ordering, asking for and paying the bill, and LEAVING A TIP.  The kids looked at me like I was crazy, but I made sure that our waitress received her bacşiş.

We caught the bus back to the village and I made sure everyone got off at the right stop and walked home in groups.  I was lucky to only have eleven well-behaved kids to keep an eye on but it was still stressful being responsible for other people’s children out in the city.  I would love to take the kids on another field trip later on in the semester but hopefully another teacher will be able to come along next time.

Aurica cracking jokes and Stefi listening to One Direction

Aurica cracking jokes and Stefi listening to One Direction on the way to Sibiu

Also, in other club news, the students have been working hard on a cross-cultural exchange blog with partners in Bulgaria, Armenia, and the US.  You can check out what they have posted here.


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